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Groupama has a good pace so far...

First signs of the Doldrums
This Tuesday morning at around 0500 UT, Groupama 3 came face to face with the Doldrums. However, for the prelude to this series of squalls and storms, her speed was still constant at over 25 knots. The barrier of cloud is set to slow the giant trimaran's progress over the coming hours though...
It remains to be seen how this crossing of the `ocean desert' will go...
The Doldrums is a difficult zone to define as the local phenomena are not visible on the satellite images: observing the density of the cloud mass is now possible with technological tooling (infrared, Doppler effect...), but it is impossible to know if the cumulonimbus on the horizon, will move or remain static, whether it will grow or become deflated, generate gusts or bring about calm conditions. As such the sailors will have to zigzag between the clouds to avoid the squalls and jump from light breeze to flurries of wind...

Video of Groupama 3: the first 2 days of the record attempt

Live coverage of the Groupama's effort:
article source: cammas-groupama.com

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