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Modus Vivendiplatu25


They took part in the Platu 25World Championship in Punta Ala with the intention of winning it. They missed the result just for a bit. If the Spanish team “Vilagarcia” didn’t win, the very competitive Greek team of “Modus Vivendi Alfa 3” would conquer the title of Platu 25 World Championship for the second consecutive year. But, as we know, it didn’t happen.
In spite of it, it’s great the satisfaction for the second place. Moreover “Modus Vivendi” managed to break the Spanish predominance: without them, the Spanish would conquer all the first places in the Gold List.
“We are really happy with the result” Kostas Karageorgiou, shipowner of Modus Vivendi, remarks. “We didn’t start as we expected due to some unfortunate circumstances. But we pulled ourselves together and we managed to keep in close touch with the leaders. Our worst result, not considering a black flag, was 8th. In these kinds of big fleets consistency really pays out. My crew is very experienced and never stopped fighting until the last moment”.
Kostas Karageorgiou arrived to Punta Ala with a very strong and competitive crew: “Panagiotis “Takis” Mantis at the helm, Pavlos Kagialis trim, Vaggelis Kappas pit and Andreas Paleras bow
Takis and Pavlos are the top 470 team in Greece and one of the best worldwide at the moment. They finished 10th in the 470 men’s World Championship and 6th at the 470 Europeans. Takis is helming the various Modus Vivendi boats since 1999.
Vaggelis is part of the team since 1992. He has sailed in dingies as a child and has covered thousands of miles of offshore and “round the cans” racing.
Andreas is a very experienced 420 and 470 sailor. He substituted the team’s original bowman and he did a superb job! He is a coach at Thessaloniki Sailing Club”.
Considering the very high competitive level in Punta Ala, for Kostas Karageorgiou the second place of “Modus Vivendi” is very important: “The competition was the best ever, even better than Vigo back in 2006. Our opponents are the best sailors in the world. It is almost impossible to beat them. This fact makes our second place a huge success! The Paz brothers with the Villagarcia crew, Bribon Movistar of José Cusì, “Central Lechera Asturiana” of Natalia Via Dufresne, Typan of Marcos Peres e Roy Alonso, and the German “Flexi” of Manfred Bogdahn are just some of the top crews that gave us such thrilling competition!”
For the Greek team there was just one bad moment, as Kostas Karageorgiou reminds: “The only dark moment of our campaign was an incident we got involved during the 3rd day. All the starts were very competitive and just before the 6th race we were pushed in a leeward boat and broke our spreader. It was a bad moment because we wanted to race with some breeze at last but we had to abandon racing for the day. Thankfully the Jury recognized we were right and gave us a fair redress”.
Until the last day, podium wasn’t really sure for the Greek team. Even if Anton Paz of “Vilagarcia” predicted a good results for “Modus Vivendi”. As Kostas Karageorgiou confirmed: “Before the last race we were laying in 6th place. Takis had a very interesting discussion with Anton (Paz) the day before. He told my helmsman that his team and ours were the most likely winners of the WC because both didn’t have a result outside the top 8! He was right! All we needed was a top 3 result and we managed a bullet in the last race of the Championship! That was the perfect ending!
Thinking back, the emotions of this year’s second place were far stronger than last year’s WC title!”This World Champiosnhip was quite special. A Kostas reminds: “The team arrived at Punta Ala Friday late afternoon. The scenery was majestic! A pine forest was ending right at the sea! We immediately felt like home. The marina is very professionally operated and made all the preparations for the regatta flow effortlessly.
From the moment all the boats arrived at the venue the real party had begun. Hundreds of sailors preparing over 90 Platus was enough to put us in the right sailing mood. The Yacht Club Punta Ala is one of the best sailing clubs I have ever visited. The quality of the races was impeccable sailing the maximum number of races possible in very difficult and challenging conditions. This was probably the best regatta I have ever sailed”.
After the success in the World Championship in Punta Ala, for “modus Vivendi” there will be a lot of other appointments. “Match racing in Athens, first of all. Two big events are currently under way, one in December and one in May. We intend to focus in match racing in the future so we will participate in both these races. Our National Championship will be staged in 4 acts this year and we are going to be there to defend our title.
And of course, last but most important the WC2010 in Alicante! Since the last finish in Punta Ala all we are thinking of is the next World Championship in Spain. There is no doubt that it is going to be the most competitive Platu25 regatta ever and we won’t miss it for anything”.
article source: platu25.com

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