Tuesday, November 24, 2009

STATUS Magazine nominates two members of GREEK CHALLENGE as Men of the Year

Press Release
It is with great pleasure to accept the news that Dimitri Nicolopoulos and Sotiris Buseas have been nominated as Men of the Year in International Greeks and Manager categories respectively.
Sotiris and Dimitris met on October 22nd 2005 and in the following day along with Olympic Gold Medalist Sofia Bekatorou sailed on an America’s Cup Class yacht for the first time in the history of Greek Sailing as guests of the 32nd AC team K-Challenge.
That first contact with the AC world of sailing was the defining moment of the later CEO of GREEK CHALLENGE to envision the creation of Greek Challenge and attempt years later for the first time to challenge for the 33rd AC and participate in the LVPS with great results and creating the basis for the future development of the team.
Dimitri has supported every effort of GREEK CHALLENGE and Sotiris way before anything was made public and after Dimitri had received a lot of members of our team to the Areva Challenge base in Valencia.
Sotiris Buseas stated “Our friendship with Dimitri is fundamental and sealed the participation of our team in the
LVPS earlier this year. Looking forward to the next edition of Multichallenger AC in order to join forces again on sporting level. Our common nomination honours our hard work and vision for the first ever AC challenger from Greece. Furthermore, I cannot notice that in this interesting list of nominations, GC is the only company / team that two of its members have been recognized separately. 2010 will be a defining year for our campaign and looks promising that Dimitri may design the first ever AC Class yacht to be built in Greece”.
Dimitri Nicolopoulos stated “I am very honoured to be nominated in Status Magazine Men of the year list.
Being nominated for my work on the America's Cup and high level sailing engineering and design is even more meaningful to me as the sea is so important to the Greeks all around the world. I wish that the story that started in 2005 with my friends of Greek Challenge will carry on. Our common dream is, one day, to win the America's Cup and bring it back to the homeland of the sea: Greece”.
Greek Challenge hopes that all our friends and supporters will vote for our members by December 8th 2009.
Information on how to participate in the voting process could be found in the November edition of STATUS magazine circulating in Greece.

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