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Liz Wardley's Dismasting

On this Tuesday 22 December at 01.30pm (1230 UT), Liz Wardley moored her SolOceans One-design (16 metres - 52.5 feet) alongside the pontoons of the Marina de Cascais, Lisbon (Portugal).
She is there for an emergency stopover after dismasting last Thursday at dawn off Madeira - 620 nautical miles from the Portuguese Capital.

View the dismasting filmed live by Liz Wardley

She finished her voyage at more than 10 knots on average in a force 8 wind and a 5 to 6 metre swell with breaking waves. This failure, certainly due to the accumulation of crash gybes and wipes out because of failures of the autopilot, prematurely ends the Around-the-world Reference Tour of the SolOceans - OceanoScientific® Campaign 2009-2010.
Nevertheless, the positive aspect of this navigation is that the whole OceanoScientific® Kit, which collects and transmits scientific data to the international scientific community, worked perfectly well, especially during the four storms Liz Wardley encountered in her 10 sailing days. Liz Wardley thus becomes the first"OceanoScientific® Sailor", and as a consequence, the first woman to take on such a scientific campaign - even though this campaign was stopped because of the dismasting.
Another campaign is already planned for Spring 2010. This will allow Liz Wardley to qualify for the Route du Rhum 2010. Liz Wardley is going to rest for a few hours in Portugal, before heading north as soon as possible to reach Port-La-Forêt (Brittany - France) - with probably a quick stop at Vigo (Spain) before crossing the Gulf of Biscay under jury rig.
She just turned 30 (last 6 December), but Liz Wardley is definitely a great sailor, with great courage and determination. Respect!

View the installation of the jury rig filmed by Liz Wardley

For all the latest news on the SolOceans, visit our website: www.soloceans.com

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