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So we have it that the intention is to set the start off at 1625h. We are on Race 2 course, 13 miles each leg, windward and two 120 degrees reaching legs. Mark 1: 39.30.8380 N / 00.05.7700E Mark 2: 39.20.7250 N / 00.04.8200 W. So it is all on for Alinghi 5 who have to win this race. Larry Ellison is still aboard on BMW ORACLE Racing and so may yet sail in his first America's Cup Match race.
Looks like we will go close to the wire on the possible start time, but looking increasingly like an attempt is being made to get Race 2 under way. Wind at windward and gybe marks is 100° 4-6 knots. The start line and entry lines are being set. Direct live streaming is up and running. Welcome back!
So the course seems to have moved three miles or so to the west, now so that the start line is about 5.3 miles offshore.
So the course is being moved with mark 1 now at 39.31.7610 N / 00.06.112 E and mark 2 39.21.2380 N / 00.03.1140 W.
Both of the crews, Alinghi 5 and USA, are pretty much chilling out waiting for the breeze, they are around 4 miles from the committee boat.
Wind is very unstable during the transition phase perhaps because there is a little more heating on land than Friday. Breeze now is 5 knots at the gybe mark from 300 degrees, but there is much more conflict closer to the shore where the race committee are seeing 180 degree shifts and very, very little wind. And at the windward mark there is about 4 knots at 355 degrees.
AP flag up is and so postponement is signalled. Breeze at ww1 is 325° blowing 3 knots and at mark 2, 280° 4-5 knots. So, very much as was expected by race officer Harold Bennett as he set out this morning.
There are over 200,000 people on line watching the live streaming on www.americascup.com stay tuned.
Wind at the start boat is 250° at 5 knots, at Mark 1, the windward mark, it is reported to be 325° at 3 knots and at Mark 2, gybe, it is 280° at 4-5 knots. Bear in mind these are readings taken off the mark boats. When you hear the teams talking wind speeds post race these are measured at the equivalent of mast head and there is much more difference between the two in these cool February temperatures. Still, the breeze is pretty much following the forecast, which has to be good news.

The committee boat is positioned at approx. 39.32.650 N and 00.06.0000 W, Mark 1: 39.22.6130N / 00.08.6020 and mark 2: 39.21.9970 N / 00.07.3930 W. So that is about 11 miles NE of Valencia.
Good morning, welcome to live coverage of the scheduled Race 2 of the 33rd America's Cup. The sun is shining and breezes are light as the two protagonists leave their respective dock areas. Cup holders Alinghi are 0-1 down as they head out to take on the Race 2 triangle course.

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