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The Racing Rules and their Tactical Applications

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Στις 24 Φεβρουαρίου από τις 20:00 ως τις 22:00 θα γίνει μια παρουσίαση από τον Dave Perry, με θέμα "The Racing Rules and their Tactical Applications" (οι κανονισμοί αγώνων και οι εφαρμογές τους στους αγώνες).
Η παρουσίαση θα λάβει χώρα στις εγκαταστάσεις του Ν.Ο.Τ.Κ.

In this presentation Dave goes through the racing rules, including the new changes in the 2009-2012 rules, ensuring that sailors and officials understand the rules and how to apply them to situations from common to complex, with a look to how to maximize winning tactics with an increased rules knowledge.
Dave grew up on Long Island Sound in Connecticut, racing Lightnings. He received his undergraduate degree at Yale University, and has received an honorary Doctorate of Education from Piedmont College. He is Chairman of the US SAILING Appeals Committee, and is a Senior Certified Judge.
He has authored three books on the sport, Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing, Winning in One-Designs, and Dave Perry’s 100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes. He is a two-time All American sailor and Intercollegiate Dinghy National Champion, 5th place finisher at the 1979 Laser Worlds, two-time Congressional Cup winner (1983 & 84), Silver Medalist in the 1983 Soling Pre-Olympic regatta, 2003 Ideal 18 North American champion, and the 2006 and 2008 winner of the U.S. Match Racing Championship for the Prince of Wales Trophy (a championship he also won in 1982!).
He is a member of the Sailing World Hall of Fame, and recipient of US SAILING's W. Van Alan Clark, Jr. Trophy for Sportsmanship and Captain Joe Prosser Award for Excellence in Sailing Instruction. He was the Rules Advisor and Afterguard Coach for Victory Challenge, Sweden’s 2007 America’s Cup Team, and the Rules Advisor for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Sailing Team. He is currently the coach for the US Sailing Team Alphagraphics women’s match race team. He has conducted hundreds of "rules talks" and seminars on the sport, and is best known for his clear, humorous and highly interactive presentations.

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