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Cammas Franckgroupama 3Jules Verne Trophy

Jules Verne Trophy: Hundreds and thousands

With a little over 5,000 miles left before reaching Ushant, the virtual separation between Groupama 3 and Orange 2 has been yo-yoing for the past three days. The giant trimaran has picked up her average speed since escaping the zone of high pressure, whilst five years ago the maxi-catamaran was just beginning to make laboured headway close to the Brazilian coast...
The crew had a hundred mile lead on rounding Cape Horn, a 190 mile deficit off Uruguay as Franck Cammas and his men began their beat in the high pressure, and finally were 360 miles off the pace at 0700 UTC this Tuesday... Yet since Groupama 3 has made it back into some powerful E'ly winds, the deficit has been decreasing slowly but surely with 30 miles made up in the space of seven hours.
"It was a rough night, with heavy seas, even though the wind was less violent than forecast. We had thirty knots of E to NE'ly with some good four metre waves... We're all anxious about the idea of breaking gear, so we're being very careful. We've got two reefs in the mainsail and I think they've just dumped the heavy airs jib on deck! Down below we're finding it hard to hang on. It's more testing for the men rather than the boat, as she's seen conditions such as these before!"
Groupama 3's log (departure on 31st January at 13h 55' 53'' UTC)
Day 30 (2nd March 1400 UTC): 575 miles (lead = 184 miles)
Day 31 (3rd March 1400 UTC): 617 miles (lead = 291 miles)
Day 32 (4th March 1400 UTC): 492 miles (lead = 248 miles)
Day 33 (5th March 1400 UTC): 445 miles (lead = 150 miles)
Day 34 (6th March 1400 UTC): 461 miles (lead = 58 miles)
Day 35 (7th March 1400 UTC): 382 miles (deficit = 100 miles)
Day 36 (8th March 1400 UTC): 317 miles (deficit = 326 miles)
Day 37 (9th March 1400 UTC): 506 miles (deficit = 331 miles)

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