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Cammas Franckgroupama 3Jules Verne Trophy

Roll on tomorrow Jules Verne Trophy

Franck Cammas and his nine crew are navigating through a difficult zone between a stormy low and the tradewinds of the Saint Helena High. In fact Groupama 3 will have to continue northward for another 36 hours before she can escape this meteorological minefield and pick up the thread of this Jules Verne Trophy again... Each puff of breeze translates as a gain or loss in relation to the reference time!

There are still another 4,500 miles to go before they can get a glimpse of Finistère on the horizon! A sight Franck Cammas and his crew hope to see in eleven days if they are to stand a chance of beating the round the world record! Before all that though, they will have to escape the meteorological minefield, which has held Groupama 3 captive for over a day in shifty and rather unfavourable winds...
Fortunately the 10-man crew are 100% focused on doing just that, though it is still tricky to cast one's mind forward some ten days when you're at sea. Whatever happens, the energy and atmosphere aboard the giant trimaran is so positive that the obstacles along the route are but trivial...
"We had some difficulties last night and since then we've had to deal with squalls every ten minutes, but we're now beginning to escape this unstable zone! We're not yet into the tradewinds, but it's reminiscent of such conditions, even though we're not yet reaching great speeds. Everyone is on watch in the rather pleasant conditions in order to build up their strength again. After 39 days at sea, we're no longer having any problems in adapting to the weather conditions, but we have lost some weight and we're longing to eat fresh food!" indicated Franck Cammas at the 1130 UTC radio link-up with Groupama's Race HQ in Paris, in the presence of Frédéric Courant, co-host of a French science
Groupama 3's log (departure on 31st January at 13h 55' 53'' UTC)
Day 35 (7th March 1400 UTC): 382 miles (deficit = 100 miles)
Day 36 (8th March 1400 UTC): 317 miles (deficit = 326 miles)
Day 37 (9th March 1400 UTC): 506 miles (deficit = 331 miles)
Day 38 (10th March 1400 UTC): 321 miles (deficit = 384 miles)
Day 39 (11th March 1400 UTC): 255 miles (deficit = 309 miles)

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