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Cammas Franckgroupama 3Jules Verne Trophy

Tempo allegro Jules Verne Trophy

The acceleration is good for this final sprint thanks to a NW'ly wind of around twenty knots and the finish off the Créac'h lighthouse is scheduled during the course of tonight.

However Groupama 3 won't enter the harbour of Brest until after sunrise, at around 0830 hours UTC after a little more than 48 days at sea!
"We may have a little too much sail aloft at the moment with the solent jib and mainsail, but we can't afford to hang about. There's a ridge of high pressure coming up behind us and we mustn't get caught up in the calm conditions... We don't yet know what time we're going to cross the finish line and that's not that important, though it's always good to be as far ahead of the previous reference time as possible. We're being a bit shaken about! Our main focus is to arrive in one piece... We're sticking to the same habits though and we're maintaining our normal watch rhythm" indicated Franck Cammas during the 1130 UTC radio session with Groupama's Race HQ in
Groupama 3's log (departure on 31st January at 13h 55' 53'' UTC)
Day 45 (17th March 1400 UTC): 441 miles (lead = 412 miles)
Day 46 (18th March 1400 UTC): 579 miles (lead = 828 miles)
Day 47 (19th March 1400 UTC): 588 miles (lead = 1.165 miles)
Day 48 (20th March 1400 UTC): 600 miles (lead = 1.412 miles)

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