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Composite Standing Rigging

At a recent meeting of the IRC Technical Committee, the subject of the rating cost of composite standing rigging was discussed.
The Committee noted that the technology of composite standing rigging has matured significantly in recent years to the extent that it is now becoming close to mainstream.
There is now evidence that composite standing rigging has a life expectancy at least that of steel rod rigging. In parallel, the cost of composite standing rigging has fallen to the extent that some brands are now available at costs only a little higher than the equivalent steel rod rigging.
Composite standing rigging is also now beginning to become available as a standard option from production boat builders.
Noting all of the above, the Committee has concluded that the rating cost of composite standing rigging will be reduced with effect from 1st January 2011 (1st June 2011 in IRC southern hemisphere countries).
This notice has been issued now to enable owners considering either new boats or modifications to their existing boats to plan accordingly. The exact effects on TCC are not yet available.
The Committee's intention however is that the effects should in future be broadly neutral in terms of speed versus rating. The effect of composite standing rigging will also continue to vary from boat to boat.
IRC Technical Committee
Download a PDF version of this press release from the IRC website:

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