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Icap Leopard

ICAP Leopard3: Transatlantic Record Attempt 2010

Start Time: 18h 45m 38s GMT May 2010 Course Distance: 2865.0 Nm
ICAP Leopard would need to finish by Sat 5th June 12h 38m 17s (GMT) to achieve this.
Current Speed: 18,6kn
Distance Covered: 1.853,8nm
Distance to Finish: 1.011,2nm
Advance on Record: 224,3nm
Watch Leopard's progress LIVE
From Captains Daily Blog:
Day 5 (alternative blog) Wednesday 02 June: As a alternative to the captains blog I have been asked to put down some ramblings from the crews perspective over the last couple of days.

For a bunch of renegades this rabble has knitted together very well indeed – the mood onboard is both positive and jovial, most of the newcomers are still blown away by the fact that one of the most used and favourite pieces of electronic equipment is the toasted sandwich machine.
A smile lights up a very tired face when the warm cheese and ham treats are passed around on deck – and the freeze dried has not really been touched all that much. Justin "Juggy" Clougher has been converted and is threatening to not go offshore again without one!
The mighty ICAP Leopard3 is a deceptively fast boat in these heavier air conditions, the crew who don't really have the full on "balls to the wall" hard running experience of the Whitbread or Volvo are now also used to seeing low to mid 30's on the speedo and find it somewhat of an anticlimax when we drop below 20kts boatspeed.
The ones with Volvo experience are laughing at just how much easier it is to hit the high speeds with a significantly less physical investment. We don't have to grind and we are not underwater anywhere near as much.
In fact sitting on the sails stacked aft is like being at a theme park, you get the thrill of the acceleration and watch the wall of water barreling down the boat – and then just as you are preparing yourself to get hammered by the wave, it dissipates and you just get a minor spray.
Downstairs is fitting with a boat of this class – its extremely comfortable – to be honest you wouldn't even know you are flying along downwind. Brett Jones (one of these freaks who is taller than 5ft 8) can not stop talking about how this is the most comfortable bunks he has had the pleasure of sleeping in, as for once his feet are not hanging over the end of the bunk.
This boat is ideal for the older sailor who would like the thrill of the Volvo but with the comfort of a super-yacht.
At present we are trying to negotiate the centre of the low – throwing in the odd gybe in a hope with hanging on with a chance of Mari-Cha's record – the end of the trip does not look hopeful at all as the winds are predicted to lighten off – but we are not giving up onboard.
Chris and Hugh are constantly battling with the tricky decisions the weather is throwing up in a hope to keep the dream alive...

All the best
Guy 'Nipper' Salter and the renegades!


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