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STAR European Championship 2010

The STAR European Championship remember the massacre of 29 June 2009 in Viareggio.
Yesterday, tuesday 8th June, the 132 crews participating at the European Star Class Championship 2010, have decided to commemorate the tragedy of 29 June 2009, when a big train disaster caused numerous victims.
The presence of RAI telecameras (in collaboration with APT Versilia) and of the 14 press headlines from all over the world will follow the sailing champions. Moreover, the organizing committee has invited the fleet to put their bows to the wind for 10 seconds to demonstrate a sign of solidarity to the families of the victims and the population of Viareggio.

The orange flag will be dipped to half mast and accompanied by one long sound signal at 12.45 a.m, that will give the start to the starboats for the memorial. A very important sign that has involved all the crews and has given a strong message worldwide, to remember the 32 innocent victims of Viareggio.
he Mayor of Viareggio Luca Lunardini has commented: “In the name of the city of Viareggio, I want to express my appreciation for all the athlets and the managers for this sign of solidarity given for the victims of the 29th June, and for the entire city. These are important occasions for a city that is rebuilding, slowly, and overcoming this drama and it’s also the signal that the Nation continue to focus the attention on the disaster happened in Viareggio, that could happen anywhere, and that it hasn’t to happen ever again.
The Commander of the Port Authorities of Viareggio Fabrizio Ratto Vaquer, on sea with the guard boat, said: "The organizers of the Star Class has accepted in this second day to commemorate the tragedy that has hit hard the city of Viareggio. This wasn’t done in the first race day to not disturb the traditional organization of the event, however in the first day available to represent the closeness to the victims and their families and to involve the 27 nations and the 264 sailors in the race. It 's a great moment not only for Viareggio, but also for the organizers deeply involved."
After this, the second regatta of the Championship started, and it will be continued till to sunday. The first, on monday afternoon, has been won by the German crew composed by Polgar Johannes and Koy Marcus; the second are Grabowski Maciej and Lesinski Lukasz from Poland, and on third position there’s the brasilian crew, composed by the World Champion Torben Grael and Marcelo Ferreira. In fact, Grael has launched his new boat last
Provisional Results

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