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Audi Med CupTP52

Cagliari, Cranking up the volume

As the full fleet of ten 52 Series teams took to the waters off Cagliari today for the final informal practice day, leading in to the Region of Sardinia Trophy regatta, winds on the Gulf of Cagliari stayed firmly in step with the prevailing rhythms ashore in the Audi MedCup Public Village.
Yesterday’s humid, oppressive winds, changing direction and pressure all the time, were perfectly tuned to yesterday evening’s reggae music.
But just as today’s winds turned up the tempo and volume, verging on authentic Mistral, tonight’s stage act Rocket Queens (form 2000hrs) is pure rumbustious rock and roll.
Late season conditions predicted for this venue vary between sea-breeze, Mistral and variable.
And so far the 52 Series teams have now had enough of each type of conditions to enter the Audi MedCup season’s finale having checked off their performance across the spectrum.
Up to 23 knots and flat water produced one set of classic Cagliari conditions for the final informal practice races. Tomorrow, after two practice starts from 1300hrs, the 52 Series’ Official practice race takes place. The current forecast seems to promise 8-10 kts sa breeze conditions with the possibility of a Mistral encore to finish on Saturday.
Also out on the race area today was the Audi MedCup Circuit’s 42 Series leader Madrid - Caser Seguros (ESP), first to train here this season.

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