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MIrabaund LX

The famous foiler Mirabaud LX will take part to Weymouth Speed Week

The famous foiler Mirabaud LX and his skipper, Swiss engineer Thomas Jundt, are getting ready for Weymouth Speed Week (October 16-22).
Weymouth Speed Week exists since 1972; it is one of sailing’s mythical events. The speed week has been a meeting point for sailing fans, designers and inventors for decades. Kiteboards and windsurfs have taken over recently, yet Weymouth Speed Week remains a dream for Thomas Jundt and a fantastic environment in which to test his foiler and share views with other speed sailing fans.
Photo Copyright: Pierre-Alain Folliet/Mirabaud - The Mirabaud LX during a training session on lake Geneva
“Icarus, the Tornado with hydrofoils, has been a source of inspiration for me", explains Thomas Jundt.
“This boat – and so many others – have been conceived especially for Weymouth Speed Week. It is fantastic for me to be able to join this legendary event with the Mirabaud LX."
Geneva based sailors jean-Pierre Ziegert and Jean-Marc Monnard will sail on board Mirabaud LX as crewmembers, replacing the usual crew of Antoine Ravonel and Eric Gobet.
“Our goal is to validate the changes we have made this year", explains Jundt. “We are going to be able to fly during four hours every day in ideal conditions, with a lot of wind and no waves. We will probably achieve more in a week than we have done over the entire year in Geneva."

Indeed, the 2010 season wasn’t good for foilers on Lake Geneva. Thomas Jundt has developed new foils for this season, and relies on Weymouth Speed Week to top up the 25 knots barrier over 500 meters, and to reach over 28 knots on shorter distances.
“As far as today, the best we can do is 21 knots over 500 meters and 23 knots on shorter distances. Our new foils should allow us to gain 2 to 3 knots."
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