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Groupama 70VOR 2011

Groupama's logical plan

With less than a year to go to the start, the fourth and final update this week comes from Team Groupama, skippered by offshore specialist, Franck Cammas.
Team Groupama sailed their Volvo Open 70 to Alicante, arriving on 24 October before of the start of the Route du Rhum. The delivery was partly a training exercise and also to try out new sailing and shore crewmembers during the short trip from Lorient to Alicante. The team also wanted to familiarize themselves with the Spanish port and sailing grounds, which will host the start of the Volvo Ocean Race on 5 November 2011.
Groupama 70 arrive in to Alicante, spain, for training.
Copyright: Volvo Ocean Race

Team Groupama is using the year-to-go milestone as an opportunity to prepare for the next race and in two weeks' time, will be back in Spain to simulate the departure from Alicante.
'For us, it is useful training: it's the same time of year, the same climate, the same forecast, and the same Mediterranean. It is all part of a logical plan,' said Jean-Luc Nélias, navigator on Groupama 70.
Team Groupama's project for the pre-race period will also include a trial In-Port race in the port of Alicante.
photo credit: Rick Tomlinson Groupama at the start of the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race.
The main difference there will be from the real In-Port race is that they won't have any competition while they sail three laps around the pretend racecourse - so they are guaranteed to win!
After the shore training, Team Groupama will simulate the start of the first leg to Cape Town and will set sail towards Gibraltar. They will then run through a stopover process in Lanzarote with the shore crew, to train in the technical side of a stopover.
Team Groupama's main priority from this month on and especially after the Route du Rhum, will be training the new crew which they estimate will be completed this month.
After the sailing trials in Lanzarote, they'll be heading back to Brittany to take delivery of their new Volvo Open 70, currently under construction, and throw it into the water to start practicing with the yacht that they will be sailing around the world for nine months.
photo credit: Rick Tomlinson Groupama at the start of the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race.
'We will do our best to make the Groupama project successful,' Nélias declared. 'The French sailors have done many races in France and are happy to sail against the best sailors in the world with the Volvo Ocean Race: Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, Camper and Puma Ocean Racing. We can't wait to race against sailors of this level.'

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