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Bouwe BekkingMagic Marine

Magic Marine Presents MX2 Ocean Collection

Δελτίο Τύπου:
Magic Marine is presenting the MX2 Ocean Collection during the Mets Fair in Amsterdam on November 16.
Max Blom Sr, the president and CEO of Magic Marine commented, "It has been a dream for the brand to enter the most demanding area for sailing… the Ocean."
The MX2 Ocean Collection was built with offshore hero Bouwe Bekking and several World Champions.
"All focus is lost when cold and wet. Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof," Bouwe Bekking commented during the design process. The key design factors from the Pro Panel were staying dry, small details and minimal complexity.
The collection includes the gear needed for offshore survival including:
MX2 Dry Suit: Safety first. This bright orange colored dry suit will protect you from the elements the ocean throws at you. Whether immersed in water, or waves: this suit will keep you dry.
MX2 Ocean Trousers: Built with M-Tech 3 Fabric and beefed up for true offshore sailing. These trousers are simply necessary and will do what you need. Cargo pocket on each leg, covered cross shoulders and fleece chest pocket.
MX2 Ocean Smock: Pullover ocean smock built with internal seals for wrist, neck, and waist for maximum water and weather protection.
MX2 Ocean Dry Top: Slim fit dry top designed and used by top sailors throughout the sport for those asking in all boats to ‘just stay dry’. Dry top with latex seals on wrist and neck.
MX2 Ocean Jacket: Full protection front zip offshore jacket with revolutionary full neck with face mask construction.
Besides the standard features many newly design featured are added:
M-Tech OCEAN fabric - The 3-Layer microporous membrane is designed to provide an optimum seal from the elements of wind, rain, snow and ice. The external finish in the shell layer helps to shed water and protect the middle tightly woven membrane which has pores approximately 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water.
The vapors coming from the body are more than a hundred times smaller than the fabrics pores allowing the body to shed heat and moisture.
Face protection - An internal tunnel is built onto the neck where a shell fabric can be pulled tight over the face to make a more secure face shield. This makes the neck piece stay tightly fit allowing the sailor to look left and right without irritation and annoyances.
The entire neck and edges are fleece lined.
Magic Marine began in 1989 with catamarans on the beach and over the years has connected all types of sailing. Now on to the most extreme conditions . . . the OCEAN. Ocean racing is pushing boundaries; new difficult routes, faster speeds, more powerful boats, smaller teams and new records. Why? Because passion, technology and drive creates new boundaries. Magic Marine wants to keep pushing boundaries with the athletes in the sport of sailing.
The New Magic Marine MX2 Ocean Collection is being produced to race in the Ocean races such as the Volvo Ocean Race and Barcelona Round the World Race.

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