Thursday, November 18, 2010

Olimpic Sails - 420 Education DVD Sponsor!

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We are proud to inform you that the 420 Educational DVD Project has finished. We are the main sponsor of the sails. The DVD has been delivered to the 420 International Class (to all its members).
Moreover, it was presented to the 50th Anniversary of the Class during the Annual ISAF Meeting in Athens in the presence of the ISAF Executive Committee and of the majority of members.
Here are the download instructions for the 420 DVD INSTRUCTIONS
Download an FTP client.
We suggest Filezilla, downloadable from here:

Install the FTP client to get access to our server. The access codes are:
User-name: 420DVD
Password: 420DVD.10

Choose the file in the language that you prefer. Then drag the file on your desktop. Download will start and it might takes around 30 min.
The material is viewable in the latest Windows Media Player. If you have an oldest version we suggest using VLC, downloadable from here.

Please download the file and forward to all 420 sailors & coaches in your country.

Keep Sailing!

One Design Dept.

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