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World Match Racing Tour Announces New Points System and 2011 Tour Schedule

The World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) has unveiled a new scoring system for the 2011 season to give a more even spread for teams in the top ten.

The plans will see points awarded down to 10th place rather than 8th at each stage, while the spread in points between each position will be reduced.
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With Tour Card Holders being guaranteed invites to six stages, the new scoring system will still see the team’s best five events count towards their overall position plus the points from the season finale, the Monsoon Cup which carries points worth 1.5 times more.

Under the new scheme the winner of each stage will still win 25 points but the runner up and third place will now receive 22 and 19 respectively compared to the existing model of 20 and 15.
The table below shows the proposed breakdown, which will reward teams that perform consistently throughout the season.
To read more, visit www.wmrt.com

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