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Appleton lead’s Bake’s entry to match racing season championship.
Chris Bake’s Team Aqua, led by New Zealand skipper Cameron Appleton, today won the match racing portion of the ORACLE RC 44 Cup Miami.
The close victory over Torbjorn Tornqvist’s Artemis Racing, led by American skipper Terry Hutchinson, also gave Team Aqua the season championship under the match racing format.
Copyright: Nico Martinez / RC44 Class. Team Aqua’s owner Chris Bake celebrates with his boys. "I am proud of this title", he said. "It’s a great testament to the team and the work Cam has done."
“It’s a great testament to the team and the work Cam has done,” said Bake, who’s been in the class since its inception. “He’s been consistent all year, especially on the match racing side. It makes me proud to see them win today.”
Hutchinson and Artemis won the start of the race, but Appleton was able to get to the right side of the racecourse and then used the advantage of starboard tack to gain control of the match near the first mark.
Copyright: Nico Martinez / RC44 Class. Team Ceeref (SLO)
Team Aqua then fended off repeated challenges from Artemis to grab the double championship.
“Terry did a nice job in the pre-start and won comfortably, but we broke free and took advantage of a right shift the guys saw, and that was the difference,” said Appleton.
Copyright: Nico Martinez / RC44 Class. BMW ORACLE Racing (USA) against Sea Dubai (UAE).
“Winning the match racing championship is a big highlight of the year. We feel we sailed well all year and the guys on board have done a fantastic job. It’s a strong crew to sail with,” Appleton said.
Hutchinson, known for his succinctness, summed the final up in one sentence: “We won the start, let him get to the right, and that was that.”
With the finish Artemis moved into second place in the match racing season championship, leap-frogging BMW ORACLE Racing, which placed sixth today and fell from a tie for first to third overall.
Copyright: Nico Martinez / RC44 Class. Class Chris Bake’s Team Aqua, with Cameron Appleton at the helm, left no chance to Artemis, helmed by Terry Hutchinson.
“We’re out there trying to do the best we can each race and whatever happens happens,” said headsail trimmer Ross Halcrow. “It was unfortunate we made a couple of unforced errors at the start of the round robin and that’s put us where we are.”
In other racing today Vincenzo Onorato’s Mascalzone Latino finished third with a victory over Synergy Russian Sailing Team, which placed fourth. Team Sea Dubai placed fifth by beating BMW ORACLE Racing in a close match.

RC44 - ORACLE RC44 Cup Miami 2010 - Match Race Day 3

ORACLE RC 44 Cup Match Racing Final Standings
1. Team Aqua (UAE) Chris Bake/Cameron Appleton
2. Artemis Racing (SWE) Torbjorn Tornqvist/Terry Hutchinson
3. Mascalzone Latino (ITA) Vincenzo Onorato/Francesco Bruni
4. Synergy Russian Sailing Team (RUS) Maxim Logutenko/Evgeniy Neugodnikov
5. Team Sea Dubai (UAE) Harm Müller-Spreer/Markus Wieser
6. BMW ORACLE Racing (USA) Larry Ellison/Russell Coutts
7. 17 (USA) William Douglass/Jimmy Spithill
8. No Way Back (NED) Pieter Heerema/Ray Davies
9. Katusha (RUS) Guennadi Timtchenko/Paul Cayard
10. Ceeref (SLO) Igor Lah/Rod Davis
11. Ironbound (USA) David Murphy/Ian Williams
12. Peninsula Petroleum (ESP) John Bassadone/Inaki Castaner
13. Islas Canarias Puerto Calero (ESP) Daniel Calero/Jose Maria Ponce
14. AEZ RC 44 Sailing Team (AUT) René Mangold/Christian Binder

RC 44 Match Racing Season Standings
1. Team Aqua – 10 points
2. Artemis Racing – 12 points
3. BMW ORACLE Racing – 14 points
4. Team Sea Dubai – 22 points
5. No Way Back – 23 points
6. 17 – 24 points
7. Katusha – 30
8. Ceeref – 33
9. Mascalzone Latino – 45 points
10. Islas Canarias – 45 points
11. AEZ RC 44 Sailing Team – 48 points
12. Synergy Russia Sailing Team – 52 points
13. Peninsula Petroleum – 59 points
14. Ironbound – 61 points

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