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Foncia heading to Recife after crash box damage Sunday

Foncia © María Muiña
Jean Paul Roux, director of the Mer Agitée received a call Sunday 9th January from Michel Desjoyeaux, the Foncia skipper to say that they had suffered damage to the crash box on the bow of their IMOCA Open 60. 
The crash box is broken off, the victim of a shock with a floating object.
The crash box is a sacrificial section of the bow which is designed to absorb such impacts and help protect the hull itself.
There is no immediate danger to the crew or the boat and the duo Desjoyeaux and co-skipper François Gabartplan to head for Recife on the Brazilian east coast. That decision is not yet definitive.
The technical team are already working to have a replacement section manufactured ready to change when the boat arrives in Recife, projected to be around Friday 14th January.
This morning Foncia was 1100 miles from Recife and making 16.3 knots on the 0400hrs UTC ranking. 
Such a technical stop is not penalized under the race rules until after Australia when a mandatory 48 hours stop must be taken.

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