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Ο Ed Reynolds, πρόεδρος της Quantum Sails, μιλά στο VSail.info

Διαβάστε μια ενδιαφέρουσα συνέντευξη του Ed Reynolds, ιδιοκτήτη & Προέδρου της Quantum Sails, που μιλάει στον Pierre Orphanidis, του vsail.info.
Κατά τη διάρκεια των πρώτων τεστ του νέου σκάφους της Quantum Racing o Ed Reynolds, έδωσε μια συνέντευξη εφ' όλης της ύλης στον Pierre και μίλησε για όλα... για την εταιρία του, για την ομάδα, για τον ανταγωνισμό με την North Sails και για τις μακροχρόνιες συνέπειες που μπορεί να έχει η αντικατάσταση των παραδοσιακών πανιών με το φτερό.
The brand new 2011-generation Quantum sails being tested on the Quantum Racing TP52 yacht. Valencia, 13 April 2011. Photo copyright Pierre Orphanidis / VSail.info
VSail.info: I wanted to ask this question towards the end of our talk but since we started chatting on the issue, I’ll start with it. Do you consider the wing to be a threat to conventional soft sails, longer term?
Ed Reynolds: You know, I’m relatively ill equipped to speak as an expert on that…

VSail.info: But you are the president and a partner in Quantum Sails, one of the world’s biggest sailmakers, so I can’t think of anybody better suited. My question isn’t about whether you agree or not with the decision Oracle Racing took for the America’s Cup. It has been taken and we have to consider it as a fact. Do you think that this development will lead, longer term, to a radical change in the sail business?
Ed Reynolds: The mainstream clientele that we have is simply not equipped to deal with a wing mast. Who knows what tomorrow will bring in issues such as how do you take a wing mast down, how do you put it into your local boat shed. I don’t think that for the mainstream customer base for sailmakers that the wing mast is going to impact it dramatically. I think the wing mast concept is really exciting for sailing, every aspect it. When I watched the BMW Oracle trimaran coming into the starting box in the last America’s Cup and I thought, “It’s so cool!!”. I see nothing negative from the wing mast for the overall sport and I like the technology.

If the sport’s pinnacle event is held on a platform completely different from what your mainstream clientele is used to having can that be a negative factor?
Ed Reynolds: Just from the fact it went into the multihulls probably that affects a bit anyway. In my view, the big question is how it defines the pinnacle of the sport? The America’s Cup has always been a different event from what every mainstream sailor has been doing.

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