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RC44-Austria Report by Paul Cayard

RC44 Austria Cup - Match Racing -
© Hans Osterauer / RC44 Class Association
Today was match racing on Lake Traunsee. 5 flights were held in 7-10 knots of wind. We had an ok day on Katusha with a score of 2 wins 2 losses that felt very frustrating as we were winning the two we lost.
Our first race against Puerto Callero we led the entire way. In our second race, against Oracle, the start was slightly to their favor but they could not tack and cross us. As they approached on port, we dialed them down and they got penalized. We then squandered the lead and they got enough distance on us to do their penalty turn at the finish line.

Grand Prix of Gmunden - Long distance race -
© Nico Martinez / RC44 Class Association
Race 3 was against our team mates on Artemis. The start was fairly even but we were able to get out ahead enough to tack and cross them and that was about it.
In our last race, we had a slight collision in the prestart with Cereef, them to windward, our shroud against the leech of their main. Both boats flew flags but no penalty was issued. From there it was close to the top mark. At the top mark, Cereef on the inside luffed us head to wind and we both parked. As they bore away we followed and had a better set and rolled them. They gybed and parked. We stretched, and gybed once our air was clear. Their side was hugely favored and they crossed ahead the next time. The course was one sided for the second lap and that was that.
RC44 Austria Cup - Match Racing -
© Hans Osterauer / RC44 Class Association
Artemis had a very good day with owner Tornjorn Tornqvist steering his boat to a 2 win and 3 loss day. That a nice result for him. More owners are starting to steer their boats in the match racing now which is good.
The wind died at 3:45pm and that was it for the day.

Aqua won the day with 5 wins.

For complete results go to www.rc44.com

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