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Self-serve access now available for almost 50,000 certificates dating back 20 years.
The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) is pleased to announce that its Sailor Services feature has now been expanded to include all certificates in its database. In total, this represents access to nearly 50,000 unique ORC Club, ORC International and IMS certificates going back to the early ‘90’s.
“This does not cover all the certificates issued over this time frame, as there are some gaps for various reasons,” says ORC Programmer Panayotis Papapostolou. “But it does represent the great majority, and is a large expansion in response to what some of the several hundred registered users have asked for in these past 6 months since the first launch of this service.”

All the data comes from over 40 individual ORC rating offices around the world, and represents some 3000 different boat types and designs.
Access to the measurement data does exclude hull and appendage design offset data, which ORC enforces to ensure protection of designer’s copyrights. All other measured parameters in the International Measurement System (IMS) that appears on certificates are now accessible through this database for free, while full copies of issued certificates in the database are available for 10€ each.
This measurement data can be edited and then run through the latest ORC VPP to produce a 2011 Test Certificate, for the same price of €10 each. Test certificates allow owners and sailors in general to test how changes in parameters such as crew weight, sail dimensions, boat trim, or rig parameters can affect their ratings and their VPP-predicted polar boatspeeds, also available from the same page.
Another new feature in Sailor Services is advanced users can now interact with the database using the full ORC “dxt” format for boat data edits. These files generated by the ORC’s IMS Editor software, made available for download by ORC to any Measurer, Designer, Owner or Sailor interested in offline editing of measurement data.
Alternatively, non-expert users can use the web-based editor integral to the Sailors Services since its first introduction 6 months ago.
“This is an exciting development to finally be able to make all this data available to the offshore racing community,” said Bruno Finzi, Chairman of ORC. “It will be of interest to many different parties: owners, measurers, designers and anyone else can now access this valuable data accumulated over the past 20 years. This reinforces the primary mission of ORC Rating Systems: to provide fair rating services that are scientific and technically accurate as well as transparent and accessible to the international sailing public.”
For more information regarding ORC Rules, the ORC VPP, ORC events, or other ORC rating products and services, visit www.orc.org.

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