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Sail Management On The Go!

Managing your sail inventory can be a hassle. Taking and organizing photos, comparing shape, trim and weather, tracking usage and then sharing the data.
With North Sails Sail Scan app you get a 'light' version of Sailscan, which is the powerful program North uses internally. The app, available for both iPhone and iPad, makes it easy to take photos of your sails during racing or training, for later analysis. You can quickly compare different trim, and also see how the shape changes over time. And it's easy to email all the data to the crew or your contact at North Sails who can compare it to the original design.
"The app helps our customers to be more scientific about their sails", says Lars Ive at North Sails. "It's fast, easy and fun to collect data and it makes it much easier for us to engage in discussions about sail shapes."

"I love when I get these kind of tools from my sailmaker", says Peter Gustafsson, racing J/109 Blur. "It makes my life so much easier by keeping it all in one place. I even shot my sail measurements to keep them in the app. I wonder what's next? Real time trim advice over video?"
In the app it's easy to manage both different boats and sail inventories. All scans are attached to the correct sail.
On each photo you trace the trim bands and get draft, camber and twist. Then make quick note about the weather, rig-tune and anything else you want to remember. And then, by just pushing a button, everything gets emailed to your contact at North.
The North Sails Scan App is available in your local iTunes App Store or at North Sails Scan.

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