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ISAF Publishes the Offshore Special Regulations for 2012-13

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has today published the 2012-13 edition of the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations.
The new edition of the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations
has been published
The ISAF Offshore Special Regulations (www.sailing.org/specialregs) are used by race organisers to provide uniform minimum equipment, accommodation and training standards for monohull and multihull yachts racing offshore.

A number of changes made at the recent ISAF Annual Conference affect the new 2012-13 edition of the Special Regs. Unless otherwise specified the amendments are effective 1 January 2012.

It should be noted that national prescriptions may take priority over the ISAF text and you should check with your relevant authority.

A brief summary of significant changes:

1.02 - Responsibility of Person in Charge
A clear requirement for the person in charge to nominate a person to take over their responsibilities in the event that they become incapacitated.
3.03 - Hull Construction Standards
The wording has been updated following feedback after the introduction of plan review criteria.
3.06 - Exits - Monohulls
Has been updated for any monohull launched after January 2014, however it is advised builders and designers ensure compliance for any new builds.
3.28.4 - Battery Systems
New rechargeable batteries installed shall be of the sealed type from which liquid electrolyte cannot escape.
4.05.3 - Fireblankets
A requirement for a fireblanket to be installed next to any cooking facility.
4.20.5 - ISO Liferaft Servicing
A definitive requirement for a minimum of a biennial service has been introduced alongside any manufacturer requirements.
4.26 Storm and Heavy Weather Sails
A substantial rewrite of this section has happened to clarify measurement method and construction for new sails. However of significance to everyone is to remove any requirement for storm trysails in Category 4 and to allow reefs in heavy weather jibs.
5.01 - Lifejackets
All new lifejackets purchased must conform to ISO12403-3 (level 150) with the features and accessories described within the Offshore Special Regulations.
6.05 - Medical Training
The training requirements have been clarified and a defined step increase in requirements for Category 2, 1 and 0 has been established.

The complete Offshore Special Regulation can be viewed HERE. It is intended that the individual extracts file and details of first aid training requirements will be made available over the coming days onwww.sailing.org/specialregs.

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