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Cammas FranckGroupama 70offshoreSlamVOR 2011

Συνέντευξη με τον Franck Cammas: "It is easier to be alone in the ocean"

Μίλησα με τον Franck Cammas λίγο μετά το ProAm race στο Abu Dhabi ο Γάλλος κυβερνήτης του Groupama 4 δέχτηκε να απαντήσει στις ερωτήσεις μου και μάλιστα κάνοντας και αρκετά σχόλια για την Ελλάδα...
Franck Cammas from France onboard Groupama Sailing Team
(Credit: Yann Riou/Groupama Sailing Team/Volvo Ocean Race)
 Από τη μια είπε ότι του άρεσε πολύ η Αθήνα όταν είχε φέρει το τριμαράν στην Ελλάδα για διαφημιστικούς σκοπούς της Groupama (φαντάζομαι όλοι το θυμάστε αραγμένο στο Τουρκολίμανο...) και από την άλλη μας είπε ότι η Groupama έχει χάσει πάρα πολλά λεφτά στην Ελλάδα με την κατάσταση που επικρατεί... (πάντως σίγουρα λιγότερα από όσα έχουν πάρει από την Ελλάδα οι Γαλλικές αυτοκινητοβιομηχανίες και οι Γαλλικές εταιρίες αμυντικού εξοπλισμού...)
Μετά τη γνωριμία μας και τα προκαταρκτικά για την οικονομία ... περάσαμε κατευθείαν στα του Volvo Ocean Race.
Διαβάστε παρακάτω την συνέντευξη του Franck Cammas...
ISTiOSELIDA: You were second today in the ProAm and 1st in the 2nd stage of the 2nd leg, your boat looks very fast in strong winds and at least fast enough at the weaker winds... It looks to me that you and your crew are getting in the rhythm of these boats.
What's the story?

Today is a special day, not a real race so doesn't show too much about the performance of the boats and of the teams.

But, yes we are now more confident with the boat, we know now how to tune the boat. We make less mistakes in term of handling, and tuning.
It is the first time that I am doing the VOR, so it is important to race against the other competition in order to learn... We still improving in monohulls.

Groupama Sailing Team, skippered by Franck Cammas from France
(Photo Credit must read: IAN ROMAN/Volvo Ocean Race)
ISTiOSELIDA: How big is the difference from the maxi trimaran to the Volvo Open 70 and from being alone to be with a full crew onboard?Franck: It is easier to be alone in the ocean. I have to learn a lot of things with the international crew and with the new boat.
The differences are huge, completely different boats and as I said, maybe the biggest problem is the international crew... the communication is difficult.

So far the experience of the VOR is good or bad?
Yes I like it, I like the boat and it is interesting to sail along with the other teams... you puss more than you would have if you were alone.
When you are alone you have to do everything by yourself, but when you work alone nothing is done absolutely correct, with the crew usually all is done better.

Will you be at the next VOR?Franck: It's definitely my goal, but who knows... long time until then.
ISTiOSELIDA: In these races the skipper is usually both an athlete and a manager for the team... is this true for you?
I try to stay an athlete, but there are a lot of problems outside the race itself and I think it is important to have both skills. You can't separate the one from the other, you can't have somebody who doesn't know the race, the boat, the technical details of the whole project to manage such a project.

ISTiOSELIDA: You have a family yourself, but the VOR will keep you away from them for a long period of time, how do you cope with that and also your family is it accepting it?

Franck: In my case this is my life. It was a dream to do this race and also the Jules Verne Trophy... my family knows that and supports me.
Also is a good chance for them to visit some of the nicest places of the world and to see a lot of new things.

Have you ever felt fear while onboard?

What is the most dangerous job onboard?
It's the bowman, because there is a lot of water coming on the deck. When you drive from the back, it's OK, but when you have to go in the bow is difficult.There are times that the bowman disappears completely under the water. It's a big risk to work at the bow... and very very wet.
ISTiOSELIDA: Yes, but hopefully nowadays you have all these technical clothes that protects you from the elements. How the hell the guys at the early years of the race managed to pull it through?
... This is really interesting, for sure these times where more heroic. Not only without all these technical clothes, but especially without all these navigational instruments we use today...
We at Groupama have a long term partnership with SLAM and they provide us the best clothes. Our life is much more easier and dryer because of SLAM.
ISTiOSELIDA: Which Team is the strongest?Franck: Telefonica & Camper have done a very good race so far, but in the future we are going to have a good fight because all teams are strong.

Have you done any changes to the crew or to the boat for the next leg?Franck: Yes we made few crew changes and we always improve the boat. As I said we are still learning the monohulls so there are a lot of areas that can be improved.

Will you try to re-take the Jules Verne Trophy?Franck: Groupama has a new goal now the VOR... I don't know. Jules Verne Trophy is a huge project and it takes a lot of preparation. Maybe in the future...

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