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CamperETNZVOR 2011

Ερωτήσεις στον προπονητή του Camper with ETNZ

Λίγο πριν το inport race στην Sanya το volvooceanrace.com πήρε μια ενδιαφέρουσα συνέντευξη από έναν από τον έναν από τους δυο προπονητές που έφερε η ΕΤΝΖ από το America's Cup για να ενισχύσει την απόδοση της ομάδας.
IAN ROMAN/Volvo Ocean Race
Rod Davis from Emirates Team New Zealand in Sanya, during the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12.
Αν και από ότι είδαμε τόσο στον inport όσο και στο πρώτο μέρος της εκκίνησης του 4ου σκέλους η εμφάνιση του Camper δεν ήταν και η καλύτερη... έχουν ενδιαφέρον τα όσα λέει ο Davis και ειδικά τα όσα λίγα αποκαλύπτει για το πως σκέφτονται και δουλεύουν...
Q: How are you and Joey Allan working with CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand?
Joey is the crew coach for Emirates Team New Zealand. He does all the crewing, the manoeuvres, and rotations so far as who does what for us. I’m the afterguard coach. I take care of the helmsman, navigator and tactician. I develop them. We both have a lot of crossovers though.
Generally Joe plays the bad cop, I’m the good cop. Joe’s, his style is very much upfront and I’m more go round the back and make it happen without them knowing it’s happening.
Q: Is it difficult stepping in at this stage of the CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand campaign, with such limited time to work with the crew?Davis: You get to know the guys and you get to know them pretty well, which is what makes this one tough because we’re stepping in and we don’t know them very well. We know Animal, (Andrew McLean) Trae (Tony Rae), and Adam Minoprio. The others we don’t know very well.But we know enough about each other and we have enough respect to feel like we can exchange ideas without having to walk on eggshells. This is a really compressed one for us, we only really have four or five days, but we’ve done some background work and I think we’ve got a good hint of what’s going on.The guys have been very, very good, really receptive, better than my Cup guys. The Cup guys we’ve worked with for 10 years, so when we run different drills we just have to tell them, but here we have to explain them what the drill supposed to be and what it’s supposed to teach. You know, these guys are like sponges.
IAN ROMAN/Volvo Ocean Race
Rod Davis from EΤΝΖ in Sanya, during the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12.
Q: You’ve been studying footage of the crew’s previous in-port performances and you’ve had a chance to see them in action for yourself, what do you make of their work?Davis: There are just a couple of places we reckon we can help them out and just tidy things up. They’re 90 per cent there. There’s just a little bit of communication stuff where we think we can help them out and that will make their lives a little bit easier.I know they’ve been a little bit frustrated with the in-port races; they’ve given up a boat here and there. They’re not happy with that so maybe we can help them out, remembering that really we can only help them out with the in-port races. Once they’re offshore, it’s all them.Q: What exactly will you be working on with the crew, without giving away too many secrets of course?Davis: We have the communication thing, which has two sides: the tactical side which we need to clean up a bit and the crew work side so the crew gets a better heads up of what’s going to happen next so they can start down that path earlier.The little bit of time they have between when they leave the dock and the start of race is a difficult bit of time to manage. The way this thing is structured, there’s a huge harangue, then they have to push all that aside and focus on yacht racing. That’s really easy to say, but really difficult to do, so we’re going to try to help that along and make that switch over.Plus, a little bit of tactical awareness on a closed course. The legs are only 10 minutes long instead of 10 days long so that is a different mindset. It's just a little polish here and there.
PAUL TODD/Volvo Ocean Race
Emirates Team New Zealand America's Cup coaches Rod Davis and Joey Allan
prepare to go test sailing onboard CAMPER with EΤΝΖ, in Sanya
Q: The crew have been openly disappointed with their results so far, how have you found their morale?
They’re in a much better headspace than we thought they were going to be. They’re a good tight team; there are no problems there.The expectations for the team got ahead of where they should have. That’s a common problem across the board that puts some pressure on the guys. But I think they’re sailing well.Q: Is it difficult working with sailors of varied experience, from veteran ocean racer Tony Rae to world match racing champion Adam Minoprio?
One of the issues we’re trying to make is to let Adam play a greater role. Having said that, that’s actually really hard to do. The boat’s so understaffed and he’s got a full time job grinding or trimming so finding an avenue for him to do that is difficult. If this race is 20 knots we won’t find that avenue because he’ll be too busy to do that.Q: Do you think the team are in with a fighting chance?
They’ve been in a good frame of mind, they’re making nice progress, it would be really nice if things would fall into place, but I’ve been in this game a long time, and sometimes things fall into place and sometimes they don’t want to.There’s going to be a heavy breeze, maybe the first one where we’ve had a proper breeze, and gosh that will put some pressure on the crew. With only 11 guys you know there’s going to be some disaster, that’s what’s going to happen. I just hope we’re not one of them.

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