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Ben AinslieelvstromfinnOlympics

Είναι όντως ο Ben Ainslie ο καλύτερος όλων των εποχών;

Credit: Allsport Hulton/Archive
Στο page μας στο facebook η Μαρίνα Ψυχογιού άφησε το παρακάτω κείμενο ως σχόλιο για την φρενίτιδα που έχει πιάσει τον παγκόσμιο τύπο στο να ανακηρύσσει τον Ben Ainslie ως τον μεγαλύτερο ιστιοπλόο όλων των εποχών. 
Το κείμενο το έχει γράψει ο Bruce Kirby, και με την βαρύτητα που έχει το όνομα και η ιστορία του μιας και είναι ο σχεδιαστής του laser, αναρωτιέται αν όντως είναι ο Ben ο μεγαλύτερος όλων... 
Επειδή και εμείς το γράψαμε ότι ο Ben είναι πλέον ο μεγαλύτερος όλων των εποχών και διαβάζοντας το κείμενο του Kirby αναθεωρήσαμε... 
Tο δημοσιεύουμε ώστε ο καθένας να σχηματίσει τη δική του άποψη. 

By Bruce Kirby
"The yachting press, like most of the Fourth Estate, loves the superlative and the all- encompassing assertion of infallibility. 
So we have Ben Ainslie, who squeaked into his fourth Gold Medal, largely because a competitor who was well ahead of him in the Medal Race made a dumb mistake and had to do his circles.
So Ben is now - particularly in the British press - "the greatest sailor who ever lived." He has four Gold Medals and a Silver. He is certainly the 'Greatest Gatherer of Olympic Sailing Medals' in the History of the Sport.
But surely not the 'Greatest Racing Sailor Who Ever Lived'.
The man who probably will always deserve that title lives in Copenhagen, he's 84 years old, he suffers from early stage Parkinson's disease, and he has recently become a widower.
We all know that along the way he won four Olympic Gold Medals. As he grew older he competed in four other Olympics, finishing well in all but one of those, but not mounting the podium. But there is so much more...
  • He has won the World Championship of the Finn, the 505, Snipe, Soling, Star, Flying Dutchman, 5.5 and Tornado.
  • He taught us all how to hike our small boats so we could sit out far longer than we ever thought we could.
  • He designed us a bailer that really worked.
  • He wrote four books to make us better sailors.
  • He made great sails and a host of superior sailing equipment.
  • He helped us understand the rules.
  • He pointed out ways to improve our courses - such as upwind and downwind gates.
  • He was named Danish Sportsman of the Century.
  • He smiled a great deal, and probably still does, and he was the consummate gentleman, on and off the water.
So let's put the question to Ben Ainslie: "Who is the greatest sailor who ever lived?" I'll bet Ben will say Paul Elvstrom."

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