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Student Yachting World Cup 2012 - Day 3

The Student Yachting World Cup at La Rochelle has been full of surprises today! No one could today predict who is going to be the next World Champion. 
Yesterday the Defender (Euromed Managment) showed their previous title wasn’t a mistake by going ahead everybody in the first race. But the Canadian (Dalhousie University) and Irish (University C Dublin) crews answered brilliantly and at the end of the first day the podium was lead by Canada (5 points) followed by Ireland (11 points) and Defender (12 points)... 
As today’s races were expected to be lead by these three crews, the first windward leeward racecourse of the day has blown up all certitudes. Italy (CUS Brescia), succeed in winning this race, while Ireland finished second and Canada ranked only eight! After this race, Canada and Ireland were very tight (5 points vs 6 points).
After this failure Canada had no other choice but to react quickly enough and to prove their previous results weren’t a mistake... This second race, also windward leeward, has crowned the two top leaders, Canada and Ireland but Switzerland (EPFL) as well, who finished third... Even though Canada reinforced their first place, Ireland’s regularity looked definitively as one of their strength. 
Until race three came. Switzerland lead this race and got ahead of Sweden (Gothenburg Business School). Norway completed the podium, while Ireland was disqualified after finishing the race! 
Is the supremacy of the Canadian crew and Ireland over? The last race has shown that they weren’t about the law and that other crews could seriously challenge them... Tomorrow will definitively bring us even more surprises and moreover the night race planned for tomorrow night will lead all the crews to their physical and psychological bounds.

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