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Day 4 & 5 of the Student Yachting World Cup

Day 4 @ Student Yachting World Cup
Who will be the next Student World Champion? 
After the fourth day of the Student Yachting World Cup at La Rochelle, many nations have a serious chance to win the trophy! Canada of course, the leader of the ranking after 6 races, Ireland always second, France (with Euromed, the defender) or even the U.S.A. 
This fourth day has been composed of four races, three windward-leeward races and the night race, the hardest and longest of this 32nd edition. Everybody was expecting this day to be the most challenging and the one not to miss. 
The beginning of the day, with the first races, has been eventful. Italy was the first to strike and won; Team USA was second because of the disqualification of Ireland, due to a false start...
The third race was the first of the competition to be marked with black flags: Italy, England and Poland have been punished, while Ireland make up lost points and finished first by a head! 
But everyone was already thinking about the best strategies for the night race. This 28 miles long regatta has reached everyone expectations with a very tied fight between Euromed and Italy until the very end. After more than 5 hours of sailing, the Italian crew managed to overtake Euromed by only 20 seconds. The physical and psychological bounds of the crews have been reached after more than 10 hours on board. 
Tomorrow, the crews are going to compete to confirm or improve their marks. No one will give up this fight to become the next World Champion!
The daily video can be found here: http://youtu.be/e5aDYqCDmJw

Day 5 @ Student Yachting World Cup
Many faces were tired this morning at the Student Yachting World Cup. 
The Night Race from yesterday was definitively one of the hardest of this edition. 
That’s one of the reasons why only two races have been completed today, one windward-leeward and one coastal, going around Fort Boyard and near Oléron Island. The ranking at the beginning of the day was very close between Canada, Ireland, Euromed and Italy. With the bad weather forecast, this day of races could be the last one, which intensifies the stress for everybody! 
The first windward-leeward race was won by the USA, followed by Ireland and Italy. Italy became, because of this performance, a serious threat for the third place and especially for Euromed. Everything was about to be played in the inshore race now! 
This one, quite long (24 miles), was also a beautiful tour in the landscapes of La Rochelle. Against all odds, England was the one crowned this time. They succeed in getting ahead before Canada, Italy and Ireland. Unfortunately for Euromed, they finished eleventh, losing their third place! 
Some Jury decisions have also adjusted a few requests, especially the Irish OCS being cancelled. This gives them quite an advance and they might be the next World Champions. But Canada and Italia, followed by Euromed won’t let this happen so easily... If the weather lets them challenge the actual leader tomorrow or Friday!
The daily video can be found here: http://bit.ly/PHX5du

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