Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ο Νίκος Ζάγκας μέσα στους 20 Καλύτερους του Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image για το 2015

The international Jury and the public have made their choice.
The top 20 pictures will be printed and exhibited during the Yacht Racing Forum, in Geneva. The winners will be celebrated on December 8. More than 1,4 million pages have been viewed on the event website.
The top 80 pictures have been presented on the event website for one month, allowing the public to vote. No less than 194,000 people have visited the website, viewing close to 1.5 million pages.
The votes are now closed and the top twenty pictures - chosen by the public - are being printed in order to be exhibited at the Yacht Racing Forum and allow the delegates from the Forum to vote and select the winners of the "Public Award".
Another ranking has been established by the event's international Jury, for the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image main award.
The winners of both rankings will be announced - and celebrated - during the Yacht Racing Forum in Geneva, on December 7-8.
The top 20 photographers selected by the public are the following:
Christophe Huchet, Jen Edney, Marcos Mendez, Gianluca di Fazio, Gilles Martin-Raget, Charles Marion, Marina Semenova, Rick Tomlinson, Nikos Zagas, Bertrand Duquenne, Jacques Vapillon, Ekaterina Zhilina, Christophe Favreau, Martina Orsini, Luiz Fernandez, Stephan Coppers, Jesus Renedo, Laurens Morel, Ricardo Pinto, Brian Carlin.

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