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2016 ORC Beta VPP and fleet test run now available

After improvements to the VPP and rating system were approved by the Offshore Racing Congress at the Annual General Meeting in Sanya three weeks ago, the technical staff has finished the programming of the Beta version of the VPP and has now made it available along with the list of 2016 ratings of the over 2000 boats in the 2015 ORCi fleet. 
This test run shows the change in General Purpose Handicap (GPH) and Class Division Length (CDL) from 2015 to 2016 for each boat in the fleet, and is available in two forms: sorted by national fleet and sorted by percentage change from 2015 to 2016. The improvements made in the 2016 VPP yielded only very small changes for the vast majority of boats in the fleet, with 95% changing less than 1/2 % in GPH. The shift in GPH was slightly faster (lower GPH) for nearly all boats in the fleet.
For those that want to start looking at changes to the 2016 ratings now, the Beta VPP is available for download here. The price for the Beta version is discounted to €300, and users will be provided any possible updates as they may arise. After 15 January 2015 the price of the VPP will raise to its normal price of €500.
For those without complete IMS and offset file data, the public access Sailor Services web portal will have the 2016 VPP available to run test certificates and generate Speed Guides and Target Speed sheets once the final version of the VPP is available after 1 January 2016.

“The racing in the 2015 ORC Worlds in Barcelona and the ORC Europeans in Estonia was quite close, and the results were aligned with the abilities of the crews and not for any favoritism shown by the VPP in certain boat types,” said ITC (International Technical Committee) chairman Alessandro Nazareth. “Nonetheless, in response to the Submissions made to the ITC we made some small refinements to the aero model to improve the accuracy of downwind performance. This and some other minor changes and improvements have meant only small overall changes for 2016.”
CDL has also had little change for most of the fleet, which is used as an important tool for determining the division splits between classes at major ORC championship events, such as the 2016 Europeans in Porto Carras, Greece and the 2016 ORC Worlds in Copenhagen. Notices of Race for these events are nearly ready for publishing, which among other details will reveal the CDL limits for each of three classes raced in these events.
Among the numerous recommendations made by ITC, below is a brief summary of the changes made to the 2016 ORC VPP, along with their reference submissions:
  1.   New treatment of fractional mainsail (FIN1+USA1)
  2.   New set of downwind coefficients (USA1)
  3.   Eliminate mainsail girths excess to be added to measurements (FRA1+ITA1+RUS6)
  4.   New set of coefficients for Dacron sails (ITA3)
  5.   New limits on Default and Declared CW (50% of DSPL)
  6.   Revised depowering scheme for jibs (POL5+SWE1)
  7.   Revised added resistance in waves (RUS1)
  8.   Removal of gyradius correction based on Age Date for boat built between 1981 and 1989 (RUS3)
  9.   New formulation for Ocean performance line scoring (RUS4)
  10.   Removal of the requirement of LPS>=103° for issuing certificates.
  11.   New default PIPA formulation for ORC CLUB
Full explanations of all changes to the VPP and the ORC Rules are available in the ITC minutes of the ORC 2015 Annual General Meeting.

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